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Paperless Productivity

Aug 18, 2020

“We’re tearing down your storage facility. Please find another place to keep your files.” 
This was, essentially, the message that Washington’s Yakima County District Court received when it had over one-hundred thousand files warehoused at a soon-to-be-diminished storage facility. Receiving an excess of 2 million filings a year, Yakima County’s District Court Administrator Therese Murphy and Office Supervisor Tamara Williams knew they needed a long-term, safeguarded process for filings and storage, and they needed it yesterday.  
Join Therese and Tamara as they journey us through their process of implementing, learning and, ultimately, succeeding with the electronic filing system TrueFiling. Not only did it transform their court operations, but it kept everyone up-and-running from home during the unforeseen Coronavirus pandemic. 
A measure of their 2018 analytics revealed a return of: 
  1. A 70 percent time saving in processing new civil suits (65,850 minutes down to 19,755 minutes) 
  2. Overall cost savings of $15,000 
  3. 40 extra hours of filing returned to volunteers 
  4. Positive, feedback from the public, staff and especially the Judges!