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Paperless Productivity

Aug 4, 2020

Picking up from Part I of our component model conversation with Kevin Bowling, current Chair of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Global Advisory Committee, we’re talking through the court’s biggest challenge post-pandemic: an urgent need for trusted court technology, and scarce funding.  

Join us as we journey with Kevin through the court manager’s gold-mine resource, – the Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute, or IJIS, – how the component model fits into your goals and your budget, and other creative workarounds for funding.  

Resources from the podcast are included below: 

  1. IJIS (Integrated Justice Information Systems) Institute - The IJIS Institute is a nonprofit alliance working to promote and enable technology in the public sector and expand the use of information to maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity.  The IJISCourts Advisory Committee developed a Provider Directory that includes vendors for the court components -  
  2. CA Court Stack - a practical application of the court component model 
  3. Ultimately, we need to leverage our resources (including technology) to improve access to justice and provide a better customer service experience.