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Paperless Productivity

Jul 22, 2020

“Somebody wiser than me once said that you should ‘never waste a good crisis,’ and it seems like this pandemic has been a crisis for many of us in the court world.”

For 42 years and counting, Kevin Bowling has been serving the needs of justice administration and public service. Currently chairing the U.S. Department of Justice’s Global Advisory Committee, Kevin is now calling on his experience with the evolution of the court system to support next steps for the post-pandemic court. Speaking right into the heart of court administration, Kevin unearths all the relevant fruits of the component model, especially its role in sustaining a more inter-connected court and providing the opportunity to “plug-and-play” with various technologies that support the court’s adaption to a new normal, including litigant portals, jury management systems, and how to walk the fine line between access to justice and CJIS compliance.


Resources relating to the podcast can be found here:

  1. Joint Technology Committee - JTC was established by COSCA (Conference of State Court Administrators), NACM (National Association for Court Management) and NCSC (National Center for State Courts).  For more info on JTC -
  2. JTC develops and promotes technology standards - e.g., Court case management functional requirements; e-filing standards; jury management system requirements; ODR technical interface standards;
  3. In addition to developing standards, JTC recognizes information sharing initiatives and standards developed by the Global Advisory Committee (GAC), e.g., National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) Clearinghouse, Global Reference Architecture, Global Service Specification Packages (SSPs)
  4. Court Component Model (CCM) - In 2017 JTC's work on the NextGen Court Technology Standards led to the development of the Court Component Model
  5. The Court Component Model paper (JTC Resource Bulletin) describes each component, including its purpose and features.