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Paperless Productivity

Jun 23, 2020

Operating from our customer-centric value system means we approach every client interaction with great care. But to ensure world-class customer care means we also need a world-class approach and, up until about three years ago, that wasn’t always the case. 
Journey with us as we map our Customer Care department’s transition from Microsoft CRM to the comprehensive case manager, OnBase WorkView. Sharing the mic today are a handful of ImageSoft originals: Patrick Dreyer, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Steve Michelin, Customer Care Lead, and our fearless OnBase Administrator Nathan Armaly. Each having unique OnBase user experiences, their conversation is fruitful in a range of WorkView capabilities, including its rapid development environment, consistent data presentation and relationships, rich resource database, incident management, ticket generation, its malleability in building out role-based dashboards for end users versus OnBase Admins, and so much more.