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Paperless Productivity

Jun 10, 2020

Fun fact: Did you know that ImageSoft tends to speak from experience, sharing our own internal stories of success from being powered by OnBase? That’s right – we “toast our own champagne,” so to speak, and it all started in our Accounting Department.   

Join Director of Finance and HR Mary Beth Eddy, OnBase Administrator Nathan Armaly, and Business Systems Analyst Teresa Kobish as they discuss overcoming our accounting department’s most obstructive challenges with the highly-configurable capabilities of OnBase. Journey with us as we detail our accounting department’s process renovation, from perspectives of both the OnBase Admins and users, that expanded process visibility, enabled easier, more secure information sharing and transcended into an organization-wide transformation, including: 

  • Automating the purchase requisition process 
  • Managing unexpected costs for accounts payable  
  • Struggling through inter-departmental content sharing via email  
  • Developing a strict, auditable internal process for credit memos  
  • Leveraging Unity forms and automated workflows  
  • Comparing your data in OnBase with the Accounting ERP 
  •  Safeguarding our ability to prevent fraud and clerical errors 
  • Staying on top of subscription costs  

And much more!