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Paperless Productivity

Aug 25, 2020

As we continue navigating through the fog of curing novel Coronavirus, the practice of contact tracing has been a sturdy lighthouse for nation-wide public health departments.  

Many of us have heard about the concept of contact tracing in the news but, because of its rapidly evolving nature, aren’t entirely certain what it means or how it can help us. As we continue doing our part in flattening the curve and protecting our communities, and especially as schools and universities strategize the safest reopening protocols, it’s vital that we understand not only just the opportunities available to us, but what is actually working 

To date, hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into state-wide contact tracing initiatives only for the systems to crash and burn. Here at ImageSoft, we’ve dedicated a team to understanding what exactly is going wrong and how we can overcome it. Joining us for this bonus episode are two members of that team, Vince Hanson and Terry Chaudhuri, who have been on the frontlines of our contact tracing research. Tune in for this conversation as we define contact tracing and the tracers, explain how this concept differs from proximity tracing, deconstruct the most obstructive challenges to successful contact tracing and “trace the success” of what actually is working in several public health departments.