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Paperless Productivity

Mar 30, 2021

If you tuned in for part three of our ODR podcast series “ODR Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Asking (And Answering) the Hard Questions with the NCSC,” you know that we could talk for days with NCSC CIO Paul Embley and Consultant Diana Graski. So we kept the conversation going and spun off this special edition episode that speaks directly into the heart of justice: is technology really supporting the court, or just speeding up its processes?

We hope you’ll hear Paul and Diana illustrate how “automated insights” have helped Judges spend more quality time with litigants to make better informed, more compassionate decisions. Journeying us through recent use cases and their own in-person experiences, Paul and Diana put a pulse on how ODR is effectively serving the public and the court by making justice available at the litigant’s convenience, hurdling language barriers, and painting a fuller picture for each case.

NCSC resources available to help courts and other legal counsel in their ODR research, such as and