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Paperless Productivity

Mar 30, 2023

Government agencies and departments have vastly different needs from one another. It’s important to implement a digital solution that works to aid staff in completing daily tasks to reach the organization’s goal. OnBase by Hyland Software has been a trusted Enterprise Information System for decades, particularly in the Government space.  

In this episode, Account Executive Steve Nimon sits down with two experts in the field to review the many ways OnBase can help Departments of Labor (DOLs) go digital. Paul Gorman is ImageSoft’s resident Government expert, and Rob Johnson is Hyland’s Government Senior Industry Consultant. Listen in as Steve asks Paul and Rob about the many uses of OnBase in DOLs: 

  • Complying to ever-changing regulations  

  • Generating financial reports 

  • Configuring formalized workflows 

  • Improving records management and retention 

  • Capturing documents 

  • Digitizing the inspection process 


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