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Paperless Productivity

Feb 23, 2023

Many of us like to think the pandemic is on it’s way out and largely in our rearview mirror. What many people fail to recognize is just how impactful the last few years have been on every aspect of our lives. Now more than ever, we have high expectations of technology to allow us to get things done from the comfort of home. Even those who returned to the office are looking for the same type of convenience they had while working from home. The Courts were not spared from this new expectation, and many did not have an adequate solution in place. eFiling Court documents isn’t a new idea, but it was not at all widely accepted until recently. Now, Courts and Prosecutors are looking for ways to digitize the filing process. 

ImageSoft’s TrueFiling has been a leader in the industry for years now – allowing filers to submit documents from just about anywhere. We are thrilled to announce our “Part 2,” TrueFiling Review. Now, filers can use the front end of the system as always to send in files, and Court personnel can review said files, process them, find fee payment reports, and more. Sit down with Principal Sales Engineer Terry Chadhauri as he discussed TrueFiling and TrueFiling Review with Product owner Ketaki More and Sr. Sales Engineer Kevin Kowalkowsi. Learn about the ins and outs of the system including: 

  • While eFiling is such a hot topic 

  • How the TrueFiling System works to overcome common challenges 

  • Some of the most valuable features 

  • TrueFiling vs filing through a case management system 

  • And more!