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Paperless Productivity

Dec 6, 2022

ImageSoft is proud to be a Platinum Partner for Hyland Software for the past several decades. OnBase is an Enterprise Content Management platform that can be used across various industries to streamline processes, develop workflows, and manage content. OnBase has been steadily growing in popularity throughout the Public Sector, including state and local Governments. Thanks to its many functionalities, configurable interface, and simple integration, OnBase is one of the best tools Government organizations can use to digitize their daily tasks. 

In this episode, Paul Gorman (Senior Account Executive and Resident Government Expert) sits down with Rob Johnson, Hyland’s Sr. Industry Consultant for Governments. Paul and Rob discuss how the OnBase system can be used within the Department of Revenue to overcome common challenges, reduce workload, and boost productivity. Listen in as we discuss topics including: 

  • How Government organizations can raise funds to implement OnBase 
  • The features of OnBase most beneficial to the DoR 
  • The future of Government Technology 
  • Robotic Process Automation in Government spaces 
  • And more 

To learn more about OnBase by Hyland Software and to schedule a demo, please visit