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Paperless Productivity

Sep 28, 2022

Many people become members of Law Enforcement because they want to help people. Thanks to advancing medicine and technology, more and more people are being diagnosed with disabilities and mental health challenges. Law Enforcement is working tirelessly to make the community a safe place for everyone, including and especially those with medical conditions that may make them more prone to wandering off, getting lost, or being unable to communicate clearly. 

SafeEncounter is ImageSoft’s Community Safety Database, a digital storage for accounts that contain identifying information, medical requirements, and emergency contacts for vulnerable individuals. A loved one can create a SafeEncounter profile for their child, spouse, parents, or family member who has a tendency of leaving home. If the individual is found, police can access the database from their patrol cars and dispatch to identify the person, deescalate the situation, and reunite them with their family.  

In today’s episode, ImageSoft’s Steve Dale sits down with Deputy Chief Bryce Baker and Officer Eddie Christudhas of the Palatine, IL Police Department to discuss how the SafeEncounter program has been positively impacting police and community relationships. Palatine had a “save” just days after launch, and they were eager to share the benefits of the program for our podcast.  

  • What is SafeEncounter? 
  • Why is it valuable? 
  • Why should other districts get involved? 
  • How does it help the public? 
  • And more