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Paperless Productivity

Sep 1, 2022

Housing is something we may take for granted at times in our lives. For many however, housing is made possible through the Government. Housing Agencies and Finance Authorities handle hundreds or thousands of “cases” each day. As you might imagine, managing funds, contracts, documentation, and other necessary information can be a daunting task when done manually. Luckily, there are digital solutions in place to revamp Government Housing processes for improved efficiency and accuracy.  

 Tune in to our latest podcast episode to learn more about how OnBase systems can be used to streamline what are often lengthy and complex processes in the Housing space. Paul Gorman, Senior Account Executive and resident Housing Authority Expert, sits down with Rob Johnson (Senior Industry Consultant for Government) from Hyland Software to discuss the ins and outs of OnBase for Housing Agencies. There’s a lot covered in this brief episode including: 

  • Benefits of OnBase
  • Use cases for the industry
  • The difference between Public Housing and Finance Authorities
  • Real success stories from Hyland
  • And a brief overview of why Housing Authorities should choose OnBase

To learn more about OnBase, please visit Please contact us for additional information.