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Paperless Productivity

May 11, 2022

Millions of Americans suffer from intellectual disabilities or cognitive conditions that can affect their ability to clearly communicate. From Alzheimer’s to Autism to severe mental health disorders, these vulnerable individuals may find themselves in emergency situations with no reliable way to express themselves to first responders. 

Introducing SafeEncounter, a digital community database that logs records of vulnerable dependents for officers to refer to on the scene. SafeEncounter is voluntary and user-submitted and is accessible only to authorized districts and police forces. Family and loved ones can register their dependent and build a profile that includes physical descriptions, photos, medical history, emergency contacts, and special notes for deescalating situations. SafeEncounter is accessible on-the-go in police vehicles for real-time identification and conflict resolution. 

In this episode, join ImageSoft’s CEO, Scott Bade, as he delves into the basics of SafeEncounter with Julian Vataj, Solution Architect. This episode covers the higher-level overview including: 

  • What SafeEncounter is 
  • Common eligibility requirements 
  • Why it was created 
  • Noteworthy features 
  • And how SafeEncounter empowers the police  

 Be sure to check back soon for a deeper dive into the solution! For questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to Scott Bade at or Julian Vataj at If you’re interested in exploring the solution further, check out