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Paperless Productivity

Nov 2, 2021

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Attorneys are key players within the justice system. They’re the people looking at evidence, making sense of it, and building entire cases with it. That’s certainly no small feat, especially in more complex cases. Discovery and evidence analysis are huge undertakings that require top time management skills and unmatched organization. Unfortunately for attorneys, their job has been getting harder over the past several years as new formats of evidence are introduced. Crime scene photos and documents aren’t going to cut it anymore – most cases involve cellphones, online activity, audio or video recording, and other digital files. 

In this episode, listen is as ImageSoft CEO, Scott Bade, discusses how Digital Evidence Management (DEM) is changing the way attorneys operate with renowned lawyer, Peter Hagood, Esq. Peter lets us in on some of the biggest challenges he faces behind the scenes, and breaks down why DEM is such a promising solution. Topics include: 

  • A day in the life of an attorney 
  • The chain of custody with evidence 
  • The effect of the pandemic on attorneys and the courts 
  • The growth of video evidence 
  • And more! 

This episode offers a first-hand account of how evidence is currently handled, and provides insight about the DEM features a professional in the industry is most excited about.