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Paperless Productivity

Jul 6, 2021

2020 was a year like no other that led to many significant changes in business operations across various industries. Most notably, companies were forced to adapt to a virtual environment to protect both their staff and clients. The growing digital landscape has made it clear that some frequently used processes are out of date and in need of an upgrade.

In this week’s episode, VP of Sales and Marketing, Vince Hanson, is joined by Rob Beier, Strategic Alliance Manager at ImageSoft, to discuss the growing trend of electronic signatures. Rob answers questions about e-signing and gives us a high-level overview of how businesses are leveraging the solution to maintain an efficient virtual workflow. In addition to discussing some of the features of ImageSoft’s own TrueSign solution, Rob and Vince discuss topics including:

  • Why more companies are looking for e-signature options
  • Why e-signing is more efficient than wet signatures
  • How businesses are using e-signatures to respond to a more virtual world
  • What to look for in an e-signature platform/software
  • The longevity of e-signing
  • Electronic audit trails and the benefits that accompany them
  • And more!

Listen in as two ImageSoft veterans chat about electronic signing and the role it will play in the coming years. Find out what considerations you should make before choosing an e-signature platform for your business and gain a deeper understanding of how virtual solutions are shaping communications between companies and clients.