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Paperless Productivity

Apr 27, 2021

At the start of the pandemic, we shared an edited version of our "Justice Know No Quarantine" webinar as a bonus podcast episode. During this episode, our industry veterans discussed the current challenges of civil and criminal courts, mitigation options that could be implemented in the short term and what Courts should be doing as we return to the new normal.

One year later, as we've transitioned from a physical court to virtual or limited in-person hearings, we continue to face challenges. While the pandemic has propelled Court technology improvements, those new improvements have created uncertainties around staff and funding, and the ever-looming question of "how do we catch-up the caseloads going forward?" while improving access to justice.

Listen in as one of our returning industry veterans Jim McMillan, Principle Technology Consultant at National Center for State Courts, sits down with our very own Brad Smith, Senior Justice Consultant, to discuss how not to just "throw money and throw bodies" at the problem but, rather, create a strategic plan while addressing:

  • Creative ways to address your court's caseload catch-up plan
  • Court funding for staff and to maintain or upgrade technology
  • How technology-specific staff roles play an improved role in court technology
  • Taking technology solutions, like Zoom, Online Dispute Resolution, digital evidence management and artificial intelligence, to the next level

Available resources:

Court Technology Bulletin,

Online Courtroom Project,