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Paperless Productivity

Apr 13, 2021

In a life not too long ago, ImageSoft Account Executive Paul Gorman was a CIO for a housing finance agency. Now, Paul kicks off a multi-episode podcast series discussing a long-standing government challenge that’s still causing headaches for staff and constituents today: legacy systems. 

In part one, Paul is joined by previous government colleague Terri Jones, who is now an Enterprise Advisor at Hyland. Terri, too, used to direct IT efforts for a large housing agency, which included leading them through the lifecycle of legacy system replacement. 

Tune in for Paul and Terri’s conversation on how governments can avoid getting pushed off a cliff by their legacy systems, including: 

  • Considerations for the CIO at every stage in the replacement cycle 
  • The inefficiency sprawls caused by quick-fix point systems  
  • Leveraging content services functionality while undergoing legacy replacement construction 
  • Automating repetitive government processes with robotic process automation (RPA) so government officials can focus on the higher-level, more human elements of service 
  • Successful ERP replacement 
  • How the increasingly remote workforce has shaken organizations loose from complacency and prioritized end-user experience, security and overall digital transformation more than ever 
  • Much more!