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Paperless Productivity

Feb 16, 2021

Self-proclaimed “recovering lawyer” Joe Al-Khayat is the Co-Founder of online dispute resolution platform and ImageSoft partner Resolve Disputes Online, and the first guest on our three-part podcast series journeying online dispute resolution from its private sector roots to a highly regarded platform increasing access to justice in Courts across the globe 

Join Joe as he describes what it’s like to face the barriers of accessible justice from the perspectives of both the litigant and a stakeholder of the Court, and how these well-rounded views of his team shaped their ODR platform into a tool that problem solves for both sides. From there, conversation snowballs into how the pandemic shifted ODR from an option to a necessity, and the Resolve Dispute Online team’s specific expansion into various justice systems abroad, including the U.S., the United Kingdom, Singapore and Thailand.