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Paperless Productivity

Feb 2, 2021

Washtenaw, Michigan, a Top 10 Digital County, is no stranger to The Paperless Productivity Podcast, so it’s our pleasure to welcome back Jeff Arbogast, Application Specialist for the esteemed Washtenaw County, to chat about their OnBase-powered, electronic arraignment process. 

In this to-the-point episode, Jeff talks us through the multi-faceted “eArraignment” process as it relates to both walk-in and pre-scheduled proceedings, case preparation from the Clerk’s perspective, and workload balance for the Judge. As you’ll hear, Jeff notes how eArraignment, complete with digital signatures and workflow, has supported Washtenaw County through the pandemic thanks to instantaneous, digitally streamlined deliveries of arraignment packets and other documentation to defendants, probation officers, jails, prosecutors’ offices, etc. And with the county’s printers connected through “auto print,” the Clerk can, in addition to emailing or digitally sending the documentation, print carbon copies at any county office printer – eliminating the need to fax and the consequential deterioration of signatures and images.  

Fueled by the perfect blend of digital workflows, electronic signatures and forms, and centralized case management, Washtenaw easily established an efficient, routine eArraignment protocol that reduces the need for widespread human contact (digital workflow as opposed to a courier, and less foot traffic in the courthouse), and significantly lightens the Clerk’s workload post-arraignment.