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Paperless Productivity

Jan 6, 2021

A ring of fire, the moat, a drawbridge, archers and more are protecting the precious gem that is your core enterprise system – do you fear the enemy?

Of course not! When your business model is safeguarded in the Hyland Cloud, its castle approach to security is always on high alert, designed to immediately retaliate against data breaches and other security threats. Defenders of data protection since 2004, experts on the Hyland Cloud team happily absorb all your usual system security responsibilities so you can relax and focus on higher-priority projects.

Amanda Pfriem, Hyland’s Cloud Business Consultant, takes us on a more in-depth journey through what it means to operate in the Hyland Cloud instead of an on-premise system, including a breakdown of the Cloud’s various security layers, your new title as a SaaS customer and the much more affordable, single subscription cost model – no more prioritizing projects to fit boxed-in budgets!

For those just seeking to better understand the Hyland Cloud, Amanda closes us out with even more peace of mind – all inquirers work with Hyland’s Cloud experts for a comprehensive review of your current system to, first, see if the move would be valuable to you. If the shoe fits, your Hyland team will ensure you understand everything about migration, including all the experiences you can expect from the move, before going any further.

Added bonus: once becoming a Hyland Cloud community member, Amanda explains, in no “encrypted” terms, the no-cost perks customers receive during migration.