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Paperless Productivity

Dec 22, 2020

Jeff Arbogast, Application Specialist for one the nation’s Top 10 Digital Counties, story tells Washtenaw County, Michigan’s journey from their RFP beginnings of email, frustrating document size restrictions, manual uploads, and various versions floating between departments to their now centralized, transparent and well-orchestrated OnBase-hosted RFP management process.

Walk through this conversation with a notepad in-hand as Jeff starts at the top, walking us through the intake process with electronic forms and how proposals are then circulated across departments via an automated workflow. Listeners will hear how simple capabilities, such as attaching related documents, performing redactions, accounting for protest opportunities and housing large files in a digital system rather than printing and filing, turn into significant time and money savers. OnBase then carries Washtenaw’s RFP process to completion by generating records for the people that were awarded and not awarded, and automatically sending out emails to each person who gave a bid. It also triggers staff to send out paper copies of the decision, and to publish it on the website.

You’ll be amazed at the opportunities and savings Washtenaw’s digital RFP management process supports, and even more so that it was all built using standard, OnBase tools.