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Paperless Productivity

Nov 24, 2020

What can tirelessly do the work of thousands of employees without complaining and never take time off?

No, this isn’t the start of a bad joke – it’s a reality for enterprises across the globe who deploy robotic process automation.

RPA, as its casually referred to, mimics mouse clicks and keystrokes to automate repetitive, office-like work. Able to automate tasks in any environment, regardless of the existing software platform, RPA is available to any industry and thrives in all environments, especially those who already operate on OnBase and want to take their automation a step further.

We couldn’t have picked a timelier guest to walk us through an overview of RPA and the types of applications that qualify as good candidates. Tim Tallaksen, Director of Intelligent Process Automation at Hyland Software, joins us for a well-rounded conversation about what robotic process automation is, how its currently supporting businesses amidst the pandemic, and how Hyland’s recent acquisition of a world-class RPA developer is allowing current OnBase customers to quickly deploy huge bot farms to automate the work of thousands of staff – easily extending the value of their digital workflow.