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Paperless Productivity

Sep 1, 2020

In Michigan, a Friend of the Court (FOC) is the regional name for a Child Support Enforcement office. Also in Michigan is the Ottawa County FOC – one of the state’s highest performing child support enforcement entities, and a leader in configuring automation and workflow technology to meet constituent needs, achieve state and federal statutes and safeguard trusted practices.  

In conversation with Ottawa County FOC’s Assistant Director Kathy Winston and Technology Specialist Amy Debault, we see how one, comprehensive platform can iron out even the most intricate of processes. After designing a workflow that mimicked the office’s historically manual processes, catering to the individual needs of case investigators, judicial clerks, support staff, and custody and bench workers, the Ottawa County FOC eliminated time wasted on manually retrieving a case and melted down turnaround time to one day. Succeeding with such a high case volume naturally qualifies their office for more federal incentive criteria.  

Join Kathy and Amy as they explore the numerous, realized benefits of digitalized child enforcement practices, including: integrations with Clerks and the Court for streamlined order creation and processing, automating much of the customer’s communication with electronic filing, greater accountability and transparency (including document redactions and the ability to block staff from certain documents), payment allocations and much more.  

Resources relating to the podcast can be found here:

Court Technology Standards - Application Component Model